We are a full contact armored fighting club that is part of an international initiative to revive medieval combat as the sport of champions. Our main goal is to help make it easier for North Carolina fighters to train and get involved with the armored combat community on a local, national, and international level.

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We seek to educate our members in the history and modern adaptation of medieval armored combat so that they can pursue the sport to the fullest extent possible.

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We train together so that we can hone our skills and advance as a team. We have an equal focus on physical conditioning and skill work to give our fighters a competitive edge.

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We aim to host and attend events with other clubs in the South East whenever possible, and seek to facilitate our team members’ participation in national and international tournaments.


Full contact medieval combat is growing in popularity across the United States after enjoying years of broader popularity in Europe. There are multiple national tournament circuits and events, each with their own sets of rules and regulations. Most of these organizations allow combatants to compete in two styles of competition; Singles and Melees.

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Also called duels, this one vs. one category is divided up by weapon type, with combatants participating in sword and shield, sword and buckler, longsword (two-handed sword), and polearm divisions. Points are counted based on the number of hits each fighter achieves within legal strike zones on their opponent. Thrusting, as well as striking at certain areas like the neck and backs of the knees, are forbidden for safety reasons.

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Sometimes called buhurt (bow-hurt) a melee battle occurs between two teams of fighters. Matches are typically categorized by the number of fighters, from 3v3s all the way to 21v21s. Fighters in melees may use a wide range of weapons. Unlike duels, points are not counted, with the match being decided in favor of the team with the last fighter standing. Melees are fast, action-packed events that include group tactics and strategies, similar to other team based sports.


Although armored fighting is almost always the end goal of our members, there is a growing community of fighters interested in what we call “soft kit” fighting. In this aspect of the sport, combatants follow the same structure and rules for both Singles and Melee, but do so using padded foam weapons and armor.

Soft kit is a great, low-cost way to get started with the sport, build up toward armored competitions, and become an important part of our fighting teams. During armored combat events, our soft kit fighters are often tapped to help as squires, marshals, and other behind the scenes personnel.


The short answer is: Anyone!

We currently have fighters of all experience levels, and many of us are just starting out. Some of us have backgrounds in other fighting styles, and some of us are moving directly from couch to combat. No matter what your background or skill level, today is always the best time to get started.

We created North Carolina Medieval Combat as a way to make learning and training easier for fighters living in the Tarheel State. If you’re interested in Medieval Combat as a sport and have a great attitude then we’d love to see you out at practice!

We strive to be an inclusive organization that is respectful of all individuals. We welcome all potential fighters regardless of race, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other protected category.

Contact us to find out more and join us for training.



Weapons Training & Softkit Sparring
Sunday from 2:30 pm - 4:30pm

Armored practice is usually held once a month. Check our Facebook page to verify armored practice dates and times.


Bull City Crossfit
4300 Garrett Road
Durham, NC 27707


We know that not everyone in the state of North Carolina will be able to join us for our training sessions in Durham, but we encourage you to sign up and join us on facebook and other social media. This sport is growing every day, and your interest could be key in helping to establish a foothold in the greater North Carolina area. We’d love to help, so please use the below contact form to let us know your needs.